Faery Alchemy~A Six Week Online Class

 I know I have told you I have been busy for the last few months but I did not tell you ALL of the reason why! hehehe! Sorry it was a surprise and I cant believe I did not spill the beans before hand as I am horrible at that, but I am so excited to share it with you now! I have been steadily working on a wonderful online class on working with the Faeries! It is called Faery Alchemy and it is six weeks long chock full of information on how to reclaim our connection to Nature, the Faeries and find the sacred in our everyday lives once again! The class is loaded with info, recipes, journal entries, sacred prayers and rituals, step by step videos and guided audio meditations! The best part is you can go at your own pace, take as long as you would like, be in your pajamas if you want to in the comfort of your own home plus you can join anytime as the class is ongoing continually!! It has been such a labor of love for me and I cant wait to share it! If you are interested you can click on the banner for the class on my sidebar or just go to the following link:

Faery Alchemy Online Class

Over half of my life has been dedicated to my workings with the Faeries and it is my dream to share that knowledge with anyone that allows me, keeping their magic alive within us! Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions!

In Faery Light,


Nature's Mandala...

 Yesterday morning when I awoke I felt a nudge to get outside and get some fresh air, to spend time with Nature and just play outside! Remember when you were a kid waking up on a Saturday morning and there was nothing holding you back from running outside to play! Oh I love that feeling! So I went out to take a walk by the water and enjoy the new town we are living was beautiful, the weather was warmer than it has been since I have been here-and let me tell you I have been freezing here coming from the desert! I took a few shots with my iphone and when I downloaded them tonight I could not believe the image that was gifted to me! Neither of these photos have been altered in anyway! They are exactly how they came out-minus the frame around them of course. Nature sure knows how to get a girl up in the morning and amaze her with her beauty of light, color and design...go outside and play my friends...

In Faery Light,


Welcoming Spring...

 This evening I thought I would share with you a welcoming to Spring that is nearly upon us. When I sat down to start a journal page this evening I had no ideas in mind of what I was going to do, which for me, is actually quite odd considering most of the time I get a specific image in my head of what i would like to paint and usually that is what appears...mostly anyways! Tonight however I made myself a cup of tea, lit some candles and incense, put on some Caprice and sat down at my table with a blank piece of paper. I started thinking of our recent trip to Ireland in November for my birthday on 11.11.11 (it was amazing by the way!) and this lovely Spring maiden started to appear. As I painted her, the following words flooded my mind...

New Beginnings

I also thought I would share with you the latest picture of the Fairy Hawthorn Tree at Tara and wish you all sweet Faery dreams tonight.



An Additional Blog...

Hello dear friends, lots of changes have occurred in my life and I am not only moving to a new city but also adding a new blog home! You have been so wonderfully patient with me returning to blog land and I do so hope you will also visit me my at me newest blog at:

This blog will of course stay up as well and will contain my Medicine Journal projects, Journal Pages, art and other creations while the new one will contain articles, online workshops and classes. Stay tuned as this blog will be getting a much needed update and there are lots of goodies in store!!
In love and light,


Betwixt and Between A Faery's Herbal...

I know I have not been around for a while but I have been hibernating in my Faery Cottage finishing my new book which I am happy to announce is now off to print...I am just elated and filled with gratitude, yet absolutely exhausted. I am excited to be able to finally share the name and contents with all of you.

Betwixt & Between: A Faery's Herbal is filled with ways in which we all can connect and work with the Fair Ones. It is part workbook, part recipe book, part art book, but ALL Faery! It contains detailed instructions on how to create incense, herbal balms, oils, infusions and more! I provide some of my favorite herbal Faery recipes that they have gifted me with over the last seventeen years that I have been connecting to them and our beautiful Plant Kingdom. I am really excited to offer this knowledge and I hope that you will enjoy it as well!

I am off to to Ireland in just over a week and really wanted to get it printed and returned to me so that I can present it to a few of my favorite shops there for resale. I am longing for this time of connecting once again to my home away from home, allowing my Spirit to be healed and restored.

Wishing you all a beautiful next few weeks.

In Faery Light,


Between Night & Morrow...

My muse has returned to me thank the heavens and I am working into the wee hours of the night on new art. Enjoy my newest entitled "Between Night & Morrow"
Wishing you all a beautiful night filled with sweet fairy dreams.