The Burning Bowl Ceremony 2009

I always love the end of a year and the start of a new one. It is such a wonderful feeling to me, like a blank canvas, a starting over...a rebirth. I dont make New Years resolutions, but I do perform a different type of New Year ritual. I perform a Burning Bowl Ceremony in January. We all have regrets, fears, things from our past that we hold onto for one reason or another. Is'nt it time to finally let those negative energies go, to make space for Divine Love, healing and acceptance to take their place? If this speaks to your heart and you truly wish to rid yourself of some unwanted baggage than the Burning Bowl Ceremony is a wonderful way to release and let go of the past.

This year I thought it might be nice to invite all of you to participate with me! If you have a bunch of old "JUNK"; fears, habits, stresses, things from the past, even relationships, that you want to finally be released from and get rid of - than simply send me an email with a list to the following address:

I will write everything on small pieces of paper and burn all of the fears, issues, past relationships; all of it, and release it to the universe by allowing the smoke and embers to rise to the heavens. I will then perform a small Reiki ceremony asking the Angels and my Guides to please fill your Spirits with healing and love and to transform all of the negativity into pure healing white light to disperse where the energies are needed most. There is no cost for you to participate but my ONLY requirement is this:


Once these issues have been burned-they are gone, there is no digging them up again in the future. This is your chance to truly free yourself of old fears that may be holding you back from realizing your true purpose here.

Release, Forgive and Move Forward!

The Burning Bowl Ceremony for 2009 will take place on 10 January 2009 at 5:00 in the evening Arizona time. (For those who subscribe to my Reiki Newsletter, I apologize, I gave you the wrong date!) The ceremony is a spiritual and very powerful event. It is performed outdoors with lots of candles, crystals and Sage. You are welcome to participate in your own way in the comfort of your home or backyard as well. I will take pictures that evening of the set up to share with you when it is done.

This is a wonderful way to start off the New Year, with a fresh and renewed sense of Spirit. I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to participate and starting a wonderful new year!


Nelly said...

Wow, Joanna! What a great idea. I always beat myself up over regrets and can NEVER let them go. I revisit them constantly. Anyhow I'll email you about that so I can join in the burning ritual and hope it works.
The real reason I writing is to tell you that I received my prizes from your giveaway. I absolutely love everything, every bit and that blue is just awesome. I already started playing with the ink pads and the glitter. That handmade paper is awesome, spectacular work!

Dream With the Fishes said...

This sounds AMAZING! I want to participate. I will definitely write my list and email it to you. Thank you for doing this!

I have passed on the "One Lovely Blog Award" to you. Actually, I gave it to you for both Little Faerie Tales and An Altered Fairy Tale. It's here: Love and light, and blessed be! Serena

P.S. Thanks for your wonderful compliments on my dreamboard and your good wishes.

Ali said...

I LOVE this post ~ what an awesome ceromony. I would love to email my my list!

Kim Mailhot said...

This sounds like an unbelievably powerful process. I wanted you to know that you have inspired my word for the new year...release. Ah, just saying it makes me exhale some of the burdens I have been needlessly carrying...much more work to be done though...much more to release...

I will be joining the ceremony in spirit there and I have a vision for my own ceremony here, where I can witness the flames burning first hand...

thank you from my soul for the inspiration.

jennlui said...

hello there! i found my way over here from melissa's blog - wondrous wild wanderings. i am very much enjoying my visit!!! you have a beautiful blog!!!

i totally agree with you, i love the new year!!! such wonderful energy just waiting to be inviting in. i love your burning bowl ceremony, i do something similar every new year. i find it's a beautiful way to release disappointment of things left undone or not realized... and the thought patterns that no longer serve me. beautiful!!! it's fantastic that you offer this to everyone.

i will be adding your blog button to my blog, i love that you offer these workshops for free... fabulous sharing!!! thank YOU!!!

wishing you all the very best and sparkly in 2009!!!


aN aLteReD fAirY taLe said...

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful and beautiful comments! I wish all of you much peace, happiness and joy in the coming new year!

PLO said...

How thoughtful of you! Before my surgery I saw a medium who told me it was imperative that I meet with her to rid myself of the negative energy around me. I know it is there, it makes itself known...a ball of regret, guilt, and shame. I would really appreciate your help, and am going to email you my negativity. This also reminds me of my old Catholic Priest. Instead of traditional confession, we wrote down our confessions, and burnt them in a sacramental candle. wonder I like to combine my traditional religion, and wicca.

Melissa said...

Thank you for including everyone in this ceremony - you are such a giving soul and love-ably lovely!