New Creations

Hello everyone, I thought I would post a little on what I have been up to the last week! I am finally sitting myself down and taking the time out to create some of the ideas I have had written in my little idea book I carry with me wherever I go! As anyone who reads my blog knows - I LOVE trees, love to draw them, paint them, be near them..they are just so amazingly beautiful to me. My second love is Ravens which you all probably knew that one as well! (More on that later!)
Anyways, I truly enjoy creating things that help others along their spiritual path, whatever that may be for each individual. These three creations I made above are things I use in my daily life and wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them!

  • The Forest Drum is hand painted and comes with a handmade tom tom beater that was created with an apple wood branch (naturally fallen of course). The tom tom is made with a beauiful soft teal leather that I have filled with fresh Lavender, Sage and a lovely clear crystal point.
  • The Tree Spirit Medicine Pouch is handmade with soft camel colored leather, various Crow Beads, silver jingle cones, Amazonite beads and a lovely silver leaf charm. I have hand painted a lovely tree spirit on the front and added a spiral to the trunk. It is a large pouch measuring 5 x 7 just for the pouch itself and not the fringe. You can carry it or wear it around your neck to carry the forest floor findings you find on your forest walks!
  • The Fairy Journal is one of my favorite paintings, this journal is entirely handmade from scratch and is also hand painted. She is holding a lovely Amethyst crystal point in her hands and the colors are so beautiful and vibrant in person! It has two signatures inside with lovely parchment paper. Would make a beautiful Crystal Journal or just a journal to hold your dreams and aspirations!

These will be in my Etsy store this week!

Within the next couple of days I will be sharing some glimpses into the making of Volume 1 of my Zine called Mythcraft. It is turning out really well so far and they are going to be really special as each one is just a little different and unique. I am only creating 10 that will be signed and numbered, (I will be keeping number 3) as they take alot of time to complete and put together. Most of the pages are hand painted either with acrylics or watercolors and it will have lots of wonderful quotes, affirmations, beautiful and meaningful projects and much more. It really is turning out to be more like a spiritual journey workbook / Zine I suppose. I hope to have them finished by the end of the month and I really hope they bring some beauty into your life and Spirit. I have another project I am working on that is special to me and I will be sharing more on that soon.
Sending love and light,


Couture de Papier said...

I hope your holidays were good..I found out I had Lupus..guess I need some reiki!

Ali said...

I LOVE your trees :-) All of your creations are stunning!

magicalmuse said...

Wow these are amazing creations! Glad you got them from the idea book to the physical world. :)

Melissa said...

What you've created here is eye-candy and spirit-soup! I agree with Ali - stunning!


Sea Dream Studio said...

Oh, I see you have been making some lovely things!
Happy New Yeaar!