The Winter Journal Artisans!

I have been receiving some wonderful emails with beautiful pictures of these artisans Winter Journals from my first Spirit Journeys workshop! They are so beautiful, magical and unique, I just love to see other people's interpretations and ways they made it their own! Thank you so very much for sharing them with me and participating! I have added the pictures I have received thus far along with links to their blogs below, not only are they extrememly talented artists but they have become dear friends too! If you have completed your journal and would like to share it with me and others, please send me an email and I am happy to add your picture below as well! If you sent me a link and I missed it, please let me know too!!

The next workshop starts this weekend so I hope you all will join me!

Dream With the Fishes Winter Journal:

Woodland Wanderings Winter Journal:

A Magickal Melis Winter Journal (I am so sorry I missed yours Sweets! Its beautiful!)

This beautiful Winter Journal is from a sweet friend of mine, Wanda, she does not have a blog (yet!) but she sent this to me to share! Just beautiful.


traveler one said...

I really enjoyed your how-to on making th journal but I wasn't able to make one for winter. I do hope to try the next one!

Tammie Lee said...

Oh, these are both soooo beautiful!

Melissa said...

Here are some pictures of mine.


Looking forward to the next project!


Melissa said...

How could I forget? Duh.

The journals are gorgeous ladies! Fabulous work!


Sage Moonstone said...

They are all so Beautiful!

Shell said...

Beautiful winter journals.

Melissa said...

No problem-o! Thanks Gorgeous!