My Raven Journal

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes for my cold/flu I had. I am just fine, it was almost 2 weeks ago and I am sorry if I made it sound like I was sick at the time I wrote my last post! I appreciate it though very much!

As promised, I am sharing with you the remainder of the pictures of the journal I made that is very close to my heart and special to me. At one time I promised I would share the story so here it goes.

A few years ago when we lived in our home in San Diego, we had the most wonderful beautiful backyard that Patrick and I just loved. It had lots of wildlife, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and tons of birds. What we overlooked was a nature preserve and in our backyard was a beautiful very tall Eucalyptus tree. Well, every day, once in the morning and once in the evening like clockwork, 100's of Ravens and Crows would come stop by and visit and sit in that tree. It was perfect because they would be there before I would go to work, and they would be there when I returned home from work. So everyday I would sit out on the patio with them and we would just commune with each other. As most of you that follow my blog now know, I love Ravens and they are one of my Spirit Animals so I have a very special place in my heart and soul for them. Making the decision to move was extremely hard, one I was moving away from this beautiful backyard and home, and two, I was leaving my beloved Ravens as well knowing I was moving to a place that actually did not have any. A few months before we were moving as we had sold the house almost right away, I asked the Ravens silently to myself to please gift me one of their feathers so that I might be able to keep them with me wherever I go. I explained how sad I was that I was moving to Goodyear, an area where there was not a Raven or Crow to speak of. Well the very next morning out on the patio there lay the most beautiful and perfect Raven feather you have ever seen. I was beside myself with tears of gratitude and joy. It makes tears well up in my eyes now just writing about it. I thanked them and left them a shiny trinket at the base of their favorite tree as a gift of my gratitude. Well then.....I am not kidding-the next day there were more Raven feathers, it was like they did a fly by and just dropped them down for me! There were wing feathers, tail feathers, little tiny feathers, I could hardly believe it, I think I completely freaked my husband out at that time, which is rare because he is pretty used to these kinds of things happening since I came into his life! =)

So now for the second part to that story. I told you how there were no Ravens or Crows in Goodyear AZ, Sedona has them, Flagstaff, Prescott, I am not sure of Scottsdale but I have been there and looked to no avail, I am not for sure though. Well, we have lived here now for over 2 years and about a year ago, I saw one flying in our neighborhood area when I was driving home. I just about got into a wreck because I thought I was seeing things! I rolled down my window and kept driving, following him, he was flying towards my house, I thought, no this cant be! He was flying above my car and I was now driving on my street, he flew ahead and I promise to all that is-he landed on the roof of my house and just looked at me, we looked at each other for what seemed like minutes and then he flew off. Since then I have seen him flying about many times, he is like my lone guardian up here and now there are more than just the one. I have seen more of them flying together! My husband is just beside himself-he now knows they are just a part of my life. If you ever get to come visit our house, it is a Raven haven inside, I collect anything Raven or Crow or Celtic in nature! So after that long story, I share with you the journal I created to honor them and I share with you the little piece inside of the journal that is so special to me. The see through material holds one of the first beautiful Raven feather that was left for me inside of it. I love this journal, and the design of it, as you can see, was where I got the look and feel for the Mythcraft Zine. I hope you enjoy the book, I hope you enjoyed the story, and I really hope you all dont think I am crazy! I really am not, they are just a part of my life, one of my favorite parts! Have a beautiful day my friends,
In love and light,


Hibiscus Moon said...

This is a beautiful story. You are so lucky to have such a connection with the ravens. I feel a connection with animals in general but have never had anything quite that strong take place. Beautiful.

Shell said...

I love your journal!! And the tags? How did you do that? I love doing collaging tags, so I'm intrigued.
I think Raven being one of your spirit animals is beautiful. That they heard you and gifted you with all those feather. Now you have your own personal Raven guardian watching over you and your family. Beautiful story. I don't think your crazy at all.

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Thank you both for your sweet comments! Shell-as for the tags, I will post a little note about the journal, I meant to do that anyways. If you still have questions though feel free to ask me! Thank you! Joanna