A Fairy Garden

Good evening everyone, I thought I would share with you a glimpse into my enchanted fairy garden! This lovely terrarium holds some fairy favorite flowers and herbs that I then dry and harvest for my own fairy goodies I create. Growing now in the garden is Vervain, Yarrow, White Sage, Rosemary, St. Johns Wort, Wild Thyme and Hollyhock! The faeries take such good care of the garden and in return I leave them sweet honey nectar, sometimes crystals or sweet cream or milk! The garden is entirely organic from the herbs themselves to the soil. It is a special place that I love to see when I first walk into the studio in the morning!

Can You Spot the Fairy Garden Caretaker?

I am currently finishing up writing a three week Fairy Garden/Herbal course that I will be offering to all of you very soon within my Faery Cottage! It has wonderful fairy information for you to enjoy including Faery Herbal Lore, Faery Gardens, Faery recipes and more! So whimsical and fun! Enjoy the rest of the Fairy Garden pics and here is wishing an enchanted evening to all.

Faery Garden Blessing

I ask a fairy from the wild,
To come and tend this wee garden-child.
A babe of air she thrives today,
Root her soul in the Goddesses' good earthen clay.
Fairies make this twig your bower,
By your magic shall time see her flower!