Grateful...A Painted Memory

Good morning, I wanted to share with you one of my latest mixed media paintings entitled "They Painted the Sunlit Sky". Alot of my paintings or journal entries, are my own memories of experiences or emotions that I dont want to forget because they are so precious to me. This painting is one of those memories that I always want to remember.
I love dragonflies, they are so beautiful the way their wings retract and reflect the light, shimmering and performing a beautiful dance in the sunlit sky. When I take my walks around the lake I often see them here and there skimming across the water, flying just out of reach and they always make me smile. A few weeks back I was taking a walk around the lake when all of the sudden dozens of dragonflies started flying all around me, very near to me, surrounding me like a protective shield. I just stood there, frozen, in awe of the experience that was happening and feeling my heart fill with such joy and love. I did not want to move because I did not want the dance to end, I just watched in complete silence with only a smile and upraised hands held to my heart in gratitude. This painting depicts that beautiful day as I never ever wanted to forget it.

The message on the painting says-"They painted the sunlit sky, I will always be grateful to you".
Have a lovely day,

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