A Spiritual Walk

Today before I left to take my walk around the lake, I was inspired to bring my camera with me. I love taking walks around the lake because it is my time to connect with nature and Spirit before I start my day. We have alot of ducks there that I just love so I always bring a few pieces of bread to feed them. It allows me to stop and see the beauty in the everyday and be thankful for all I have. I love it when I get unexpected surprises such as finding feathers, or seeing rainbows, those little things remind me that the Angels are near me, near us all.

As I am writing this post I feel compelled to remind all of you that If you or a loved one could use some healing Reiki energies, I would be honored to do so. You may click HERE for more information or to sign up. I send healing energies out everyday to the people that ask me to as well as peace and healing for the world.
Sending my love and prayers as well to the family, friends and victims of 9/11.
We Will Not Forget!

Have a beautiful day,

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