Out of the Darkness...& Into the Light

Hello dear friends, it has truly been quite some time since my last post. There has been many changes within my life the last few months-none of which I expected, but have now accepted and embraced. The journey has taken me to places of darkness...only to return fully embraced by the light. I love sharing with all of you, many of you have followed me from blog to blog as I try to find my way home. I believe that through all of this, home is what I have found and dear friends is what I have gained, I cherish each one of you as sisters and brothers along this winding path of life. Some things though are too truly painful to share, or rather, I am just not ready to share, not that I wont, but there is a time for everything and my heart is just still too vulnerable. What I will share with you is that over the last few months I have been working on mending the relationship between my husband and I. We actually just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! Life gets so busy...time escapes us and all of the sudden you realize the mess of your own wake.
Family members and friends have been diagnosed with Cancer, my brothers MS, a dear friend has all taken its toll.

Alas...the darkness cannot survive the light, I stepped into my own light and the light of family and friends and am stronger and more blessed for it. So here it is the good news that has come of it all...I am now renting a space at a local Holistic Center called Lavender Moon in Goodyear AZ offering Reiki sessions, Crystal Healing Therapy Sessions, Aromatherapy and more. PLUS I am teaching there, offering monthly Drum Circle classes for the New and Full moon, classes on Crystals, and the Faerie Realm. The clients thus far have been wonderful and I could not be happier in all areas of my life right now.

So in saying all of that, these are the reasons I have been away from the blogging area for a while. My art is now coming back into the forefront of my life and I am so grateful for that too! I can now say that I am actually doing both of my dreams-creating and helping others-that is all I have ever wished for and I am so thankful for all of my blessings.

Lots of Love,

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Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Darling darling friend I am here. I am so glad to see this pink heart. You don't realize how much I hope for your joy. May it begin to come back in great and small waves, as you need. Blessings and love, Amy