Winter Solstice Drum Circle & Burning Bowl Ceremony

I hope this beautiful evening finds you happy, healthy and ready for the upcoming holiday! I am just about ready-I still have some cards I need to send out and gifts that need wrapping, other than that-I am pretty good!
I wanted to share a little about the Winter Solstice Drum Circle & Burning Bowl Ceremony I led on Friday evening. It was wonderful and this time I had a group of five beautiful Goddesses attend the class! Last month I had twelve but it was a mixture of men and women. It is amazing how different the energy is when you have all women, in a good way most definitely, just completely different. I enjoyed the evening so very much and the burning bowl ceremony was lovely. We did that part outside where we each wrote what we wanted to release from this year, burn the paper and then start drumming the ashes up to the heavens. I created a special Winter Solstice Hearth Herbal blend and added them to the fire as well, the scent was beautiful. The rest of the time was the drum circle in honor of the coming Winter Solstice and there was some wonderful shifts and release happening that evening. All in all, it was a perfect night and I was so honored to be in the presence of such beautiful Spirits.
I snapped the picture above before the class started of the room that I hold the Drum Circle in and I had just empowered the crystal grid in the center of the room inviting the Angels, Faeries and Guardian Spirits to attend-I LOVE that I got an orb in the picture above the chair! Is it a Faery, an Angel-whatever it was some of the ladies had some wonderful journeying that evening and saw spirits within the room while drumming!
Have a beautiful evening and a very Merry Christmas. Love and cherish your family and friends this season.

In light,

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