A Beautiful Release...& The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop #1

Good evening Dear Ones! The Burning Bowl Ceremony was lovely this evening but I have to admit a bit chilly! Phoenix has been hit hard the last few days with the same storm as California and It has truly been blissful and cleansing as I absolutely love the rain! At the start of the ceremony I had a little trouble with keeping the fire lit as it was extremely windy as well, but ask and you shall receive, as I whispered the wind calm and it offered a reprieve! Thank you all for the amazing amount of emails that poured in to participate, I am honored that I could be of service to you and your journey! I wish you all release from your burdens, light for your present and love for your future.

Now, since all that "stuff" is gone, how about some creative time! I decided yesterday that since I already have a second blog connected to this one called Ravens Feather Studio, that I would simply make that one all past, current and future workshops. That way it will be easier for all of you to find each workshop and not have to hunt through my all of my blog entries since this will be a monthly event. I am also going to add all the other workshops to it as well for any newcomers.

If you are ready to begin, CLICK HERE
Have fun and a beautiful evening to all!

With love,


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Ahhh... what you create, no matter what you choose gives such serenity and I feel joy. You are a treasure to be sure. Blessings.

珊珊李 said...


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