The Faery Heart Shrine

Hello dear ones, just wanted to share with you some of my newest creations this evening! This little piece is called The Faery Heart Shrine adorned with hand cut and embossed aged copper embellishments, my own artwork aged with the softness of encaustic wax. The finishing touch, a sweet pink glass candle holder to set in front and illuminate it with candlelight. This is now in my mixed media Etsy shop, Reliques (Relics).

I also will be adding some Collage Packs filled with assemblage and altered art treasures over the next few days.
On another note, I am so grateful for all the emails coming in for requests to participate in the Burning Bowl Ceremony this Friday. There is still time so if you are interested just send me an email. Afterwards I will be posting the first Divine Medicine Journal Workshop so I welcome you to come on over and join me for that too!

Lastly for the evening, is this not one of the sweetest pics!!! This is my kitty Pixie and she really did fall asleep on the Fairy Quartz cluster in my studio. My sweet little girl truly lives up to her name!
Lots of love and joy to you all,


Caroline said...

What a lovely blog you have. I love your art...stunning!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Thank you so very much Caroline! I loved visiting your blog this morning as well!
With love,

Stoneweaver said...

Awww sweet. My cat used to curl up on my crystals too. And he would always sneak into my meditation spot for a nap. Cats sense the positive energy I think.

woodlandwanderings said...

Hi Joanna,
Quick note to let you know I emailed about the Burning Bowl Ceremony. I only hope my addition doesn't create more of a bonfire than a bowl fire LOL! Thanks again for this.. and for being the beautiful creative soul that YOU are! The picture of Pixie is so sweet! She is obviously picking up on some yummy vibrations here!


Matthew said...

Your artwork and craftwork is wonderous, earthly and rich. Your cat looks so peaceful there on the cluster. Crystals are one of my joys, Moldavite is my favourite right now but they are all wonderful. All the best for you :)