Honoring the Medicine Journal...Springs Embrace

Hello beautiful friends, I spent yesterday working on a new Medicine Journal. I made a promise to myself that this year I would really focus on taking time out each day to honor myself by recording my thoughts, feelings and dreams in my Medicine Journal. For this one I used the front and back covers of an old vintage book, distressed it, sanded it, aged it, added wax to it, vintage lace and brooch. The focal point has one of my paintings surrounded by an embossed copper frame I created. The inside is filled with two large signatures made with various types of papers that hold up to paint well! It is called Springs Embrace.
I call it a medicine journal because I believe that pouring our hearts, hopes, goals, sad times, happy times, magical times and everything in between, is where the Medicine of our Souls truly lies. To put things on paper is to manifest, to look within, to hold yourself accountable to live this life the best that you can within all circumstances. Live, breathe, love, laugh and remember the magic that is all around us-this is your journey, share it with others but never allow anyone to live it for you dear ones.
With love,

**Note: Join me for next months Divine Medicine Journal page entry on 13 February!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

That Journal is Beautiful...You do such Lovely work...
If you will stop by my Blog I have an Award there for you...

Stoneweaver said...

It's lovely.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a beautiful journal. The colors are so lovely and the images ethereal. :) Theresa

apinkdreamer said...

it is perfect!!!!i have a medicine journal like yours too!!!!!!!!i beleive in it so much...some pages of it are on my blog
yhank you for the inspiration!!!

Sharm said...

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Miss Meliss said...

The journals that you create are so full of magick! and absolutely beautiful!

~yum yum~

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i'm eleni from greece! your art is wonderful! i have a medicine journal too. in fact i have plenty as i have this use since i was 11 . now i'm 37, and more than ever i need this is both a medicine and art journal! if you want take a look at my journal pages on my blog
thank you!