Riding the Current of Life...

Hello my friends, I am sorry for the delay in posting. I have been busy lately just living and loving every second of it! Life is so amazing when you are fully present in every moment. I know I have mentioned in previous posts that I am really working on being in the moment and allowing that blissful stream of life to carry me down relaxed instead of kicking and screaming the whole way. Trusting in Spirit to take care and provide for me and living in Gratitude for the entire experience of being able to say I am a part of it-no matter how big or small.

In saying that-you just have to laugh sometimes as well as cry a little, when I found myself in the shower to find an extremely painful lump in my right breast. I lost my composure a little, tears streaming down my face telling my husband I must be falling apart! When I got it together again I realized the amazing way this all happened because it was the day before I was to see the surgeon to talk about my gallbladder surgery! I told her about the lump I found and she immediately performed a breast exam and felt some more lumps that were painful but not as much as the first one I found. She ordered a Mammogram and an Ultrasound and I had my appointment on April Fools Day-are you starting to see why I just have to laugh! She said this way, just in case I needed to have any of them removed, she could do the surgery all at once which was fine by me!

Now, I have always had breast pain, never really thought much about it actually, I kind of just thought it was what all women went through. The technician giving me the ultrasound said she had not seen this many fibroid cysts in a few months! I have up to 15 to 20 in each breast! I almost passed out towards the end of the mammogram, it hurt so bad! The results came back just fine though, I have to have one of the cysts aspirated but she will do that when I have the surgery. So thankful!!

In between waiting to have the Mammogram and ultrasound done, I spent a week in Sedona with one of my dear friends who came to visit me from my hometown of San Diego. We stayed at Enchantment resort and it was amazing! We had spa treatments and shopped, it was such a nice break! I also have been teaching classes at the Holistic Center which has filled me with so much joy and gratitude-I just cant describe it. I am truly blessed!

I know I have shared with you that my surgery is a little over a week away-I am perfectly at peace with it and am trusting that everything will be just fine. The Universe just had to make me laugh though when all this happened-I am fine, alive, living and loving every moment!
With love and light & Happy Easter,


apinkdreamer said...

joanna hi! i was so worried about you!!!i am glad you are feeling strong and full of energy and faith!!!!!!!!!
i hope everything will go well for you!
just to cheer you up a little, see my mad easter tea party on my blog!

Shell said...

I'm happy to hear you are well and happy, my friend.

Beadwright said...

I know this is a happy post and all is well. However, it did bring tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness for you. Yes, thank Spirit for all of the things we have, experience, and are.

Hibiscus Moon said...

and much healing energy to you. You are such an inspiration and a great strong spirit! said...

The stregnth and courage of you is healing to us all. Strong Goddess Spirit is you dear heart.

Faerie dust..."poof!"

VisionWise said...

I was happy to find your message, and these beuatiful pics :) I will continue to pray for a gentle surgery and swift healing... I wanted you to know that I have a link to your blog on the sidebar of my blog now... and that I'm doing a GiveAway this week for a Turquoise and Carnelian necklace that I made and has been listed in my shop... Last day to enter is 4-11... Everyone is welcome to enter :) Much love Joanna!!!! ♥

Stream Source said...

Been there, too - with the cystic breasts. There are actually many good things about menopause... one of them is 'no more sore,lumpy breasts'... the gray hair and less than perky boobs are not so hot though =0(LOL)

Get this medical stuff done and put behind you! The world awaits the expansion of your creative genius ~

Love to you >


mammagil said...

Glad to here you are okay, beautiful photos