Betwixt and Between A Faery's Herbal...

I know I have not been around for a while but I have been hibernating in my Faery Cottage finishing my new book which I am happy to announce is now off to print...I am just elated and filled with gratitude, yet absolutely exhausted. I am excited to be able to finally share the name and contents with all of you.

Betwixt & Between: A Faery's Herbal is filled with ways in which we all can connect and work with the Fair Ones. It is part workbook, part recipe book, part art book, but ALL Faery! It contains detailed instructions on how to create incense, herbal balms, oils, infusions and more! I provide some of my favorite herbal Faery recipes that they have gifted me with over the last seventeen years that I have been connecting to them and our beautiful Plant Kingdom. I am really excited to offer this knowledge and I hope that you will enjoy it as well!

I am off to to Ireland in just over a week and really wanted to get it printed and returned to me so that I can present it to a few of my favorite shops there for resale. I am longing for this time of connecting once again to my home away from home, allowing my Spirit to be healed and restored.

Wishing you all a beautiful next few weeks.

In Faery Light,


Faerie Moon Creations said...

How EXCITING! This is a book I must have! :) I hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland. And I just signed up to follow your new blog. Congrats on everything! Theresa

Shell said...

Enjoy your trip to Ireland. With spring right around the corner, it is a wonderful time to go.
Congrats on your book. That is exciting. Waving my hand here to win a copy of your truly magickal book!!

apinkdreamer said...

wonderful news!!! i want so much a book of yours!!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Congratulations! it's always good to see a sister blogger having her day in the sun!!

Jorgelina said...

Would be happy with his new book.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Wow congratulations, you mut be so excited.