Welcoming Spring...

 This evening I thought I would share with you a welcoming to Spring that is nearly upon us. When I sat down to start a journal page this evening I had no ideas in mind of what I was going to do, which for me, is actually quite odd considering most of the time I get a specific image in my head of what i would like to paint and usually that is what appears...mostly anyways! Tonight however I made myself a cup of tea, lit some candles and incense, put on some Caprice and sat down at my table with a blank piece of paper. I started thinking of our recent trip to Ireland in November for my birthday on 11.11.11 (it was amazing by the way!) and this lovely Spring maiden started to appear. As I painted her, the following words flooded my mind...

New Beginnings

I also thought I would share with you the latest picture of the Fairy Hawthorn Tree at Tara and wish you all sweet Faery dreams tonight.



Karen said...

She's gentle and beautiful and so is the hawthorn.

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Thank you dear Karen! Have a beautiful day!

Piper... the Woodland Wanderer said...

Your spring maiden is beautiful. I love the way you painted the flowers in her hair, and the soft colors. So glad I stopped by your faerie blog this morning, what a lovely way to start Saturday!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Thank you sweet Piper! Wishing you a beautiful rest of the weekend!

Willow said...

Beautiful Spring Maiden with flowers in her hair, I was looking deep into her eyes and trying to feel the emotion I wasn't sure if it was slightly sad or a bit pensive, it was intent. The Fairy Hawthorn tree is fabulous. My last Friday post shows my ponies in our fairy garden last Summer the fairy spots Hopefully our weather will warm for gardens again here soon, snow again today ~sigh.

Selina B said...

I love your work Joanna,its really amazing:)Very inspiring for someone re discovering and expanding their artistic as I am.
Best of Luck..I follow your blog so it will be nice to connect as I'm starting a new creative healing business:)Best of luck going forward,